Infants, Children, and Chiropractic in Brandon MS

Infants, Children, and Chiropractic in Brandon MS

Disc Decompression in Brandon MS

by Lisa Wynkoop, DC

As more and more Americans are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the status of their health and the health care system that is offered, they are turning to "alternative" options for their families. Why are some Americans more accepting and open to these opportunities than others? To truly understand health and where health comes from one must first embrace a different health care philosophy than has been offered by the medical community for the last 50 or so years. Many do not realize that a whole new paradigm must be embraced and some basic concepts must be understood. They include (but are not limited to) the following: The body is a self- healing organism -- within the limits of time and matter. To prove this, cut yourself and a piece of steak. Clean your wound, add antibiotic cream and a bandage to both cuts and wait a few days. Remove the bandages. More than likely you are well on your way to healing, but the cut on the meat is still as it was days ago. The difference? The Life Force in you that’s not in the steak!

The nerve system is the master control system of the body. This is the Life Force in you. Science knows that this system controls and coordinates every organ, tissue, and cell in the body to synchronize necessary adaptations to survive. Humans are considered clinically dead when there is no longer proper neural activity, not when the heart stops beating as most would think. Any interference to this Life Force decreases the body’s ability to heal and function at its genetic potential. From birth and throughout life the body experiences stresses that causes interference to the Life Force. Result...lowered development of the organism, lowered synchronization of necessary adaptation. How often should interference be allowed to remain? Healing comes from within (specifically from above-down-inside-out).

Symptoms do not equate to illness, nor does lack of symptoms equate to health. This is sometimes the most difficult concept for people to embrace. Consider these two examples. First, the young man who receives a clean bill of health from his physician on Friday and is totally symptom free dies of a heart attack on the golf course on Sunday. Did his heart go bad over those two days? Of course not. Therefore, lack of symptoms does not always equate to health. Second, consider someone with food poisoning. If they are symptomatic (vomiting, fever, diarrhea) are they sick? Of course not. They are expressing health as their body fights to rid itself of poison that may kill it if left untreated.

Anything taken internally (drugs - pushed or prescribed, vitamins, herbs, etc.) stimulate or inhibit the body against its will. Health comes from an increased ability to express that Life Force not from the treatment of the effects (which can work at times, but have nothing to do with health, but with the treatment of sickness or malfunction).

Chiropractic deals with all of these principles and maintains that vertebral subluxations are one of the most common (and most commonly overlooked) interference to your Life Force. Chiropractic works on the accepted scientific law that structure dictates function. Alter the structure; alter the function. With spinal interference (altered structure) to your nerve system (and thus decreased Life Force), you’re still alive, but not expressing your potential (altered function).

"Children need chiropractic? But, they don’t have a back problem." I cannot tell you how often someone has said these words to me since my husband and I have built a family Chiropractic office for everyone from birth to old age. Nothing in this article has addressed back pain because Chiropractic is about so much more than that. When is it a good time to have interference to your Life Force? Why would someone wait for his or her child to have back pain before seeking Chiropractic care? Do they not want them to develop into a better expression of their genetic potential? Do they not want them to ha


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